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Tongue Tie Information and Exercises
  • Date: Sun, October 30, 2016

Lately in my practice I have come across numerous Moms and babies struggling with breastfeeding for different reasons.  Breastfeeding issues can be complex at times and sometimes it is a simple mechanical issue - i.e.  if the the milk can't be removed properly, then the breast does not get the message that it needs to refill and slowly milk supply decreases.  Milk removal is done by the baby being efficient at the breast and using her tongue effectively.  This is sometimes hindered by the baby having a tongue tie which we are seeing more commonly.  Below is a wonderful resource from fellow IBCLC, Jessica Barton in California.  She explains in a very clear way all parents need to know and there are excellent links to exercises to do with your baby before and after they have had their tongue assessed and if necessary, released by physician or dentist.