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Caring Support for mothers and newborns

My name is Kylie Field.  I am an International Board Certifield Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).  I am also a certified Infant Massage Instructor (IAIM - International Association of Infant Massage).  I serve families in the greater Halifax area, Nova Scotia.   I trained as a Registered Nurse in South Africa, in a comprehensive program that included General Nursing, Midwifery, Psychiatry and Public Health, and moved to Canada in 1995.  Since 2009, I have used my love of supporting  families in the postpartum period as a Postpartum Doula and since 2016, as a Board Certified Lactation Consultant. I have been privileged to be able to support many new Moms feel confident in their mothering role.


I am experienced and well educated in breastfeeding and infant care.  I provide caring, individualized support and nurture the whole family as they integrate the newborn into their lives.  As a Lactation Consultant, I work together with the parents to come up with a workable plan to help them and their baby have a positive and successful breastfeeding experience.  I have knowledge of postpartum maternal physical and emotional needs, and all aspects of newborn care.  I have done further training in Cranial Nerve Dysfunction in the precrawling baby, tongue tie assessment and oral sucking exercises for infants and TummyTime™ Method. 

I do not give medical advice, but am able to make and suggest appropriate referrals within the community.

I have extensive experience and further training in thethered oral tissues (tongue and lip ties).  We will come up with a plan which will include oral exercises, referral to pediatric chiro or osteo and referral to the tongue tie release providers in the community.



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Continuing Education:

Dr Jack Newman - Moncton NB, June 2016 (Late onset low milk supply)

LLLC Health Professional Seminar with Catherine Watson Genna -  Calgary AB, May 2017
Cranial Nerve Dysfunction in the Precrawling Baby - Michelle Emanuel - Las Vegas Nv, October 2017
Oral Halibilitation for the Breastfeeding Dyad - A Master Class for IBCLCs - Irvine Ca, Feb 2018
GOLD Lactation on-line course 2016 - 2022

GOLD Lactation Tongue Tie Symposium 2018 - 2023

Guiding Bottle Breakthroughs - Rachel O'Brien 2023

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Working together with the parent to come up with a workable plan to help them and their baby have a positive and successful breastfeeding experience.

Massaging your baby has many health benefits. It is also fun and provides your baby with a sense of security and physical comfort.