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International Board Certified Lactation Consultant(IBCLC)

Lactation Consultant

Working together with the Mom to come up with a workable plan to help her and her baby have a positive and successful breastfeeding experience.

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Certified (IAIM)

Infant Massage

Massaging your baby has many health benefits. It is also fun and provides your baby with a sense of security and physical comfort.

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Parents Testimonials

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Infant Massage Mom and baby

The infant massage class with Kylie was exactly what I was hoping for. Flexible and accommodating in pace to give room for babies to be interrupting babies, full of tips and tricks on how to bond with baby and help them develop their motor skills, and most importantly guided step-by-step instruction on how to best massage your little one with love and care. I highly recommend this class to all parents with infants who want to better understand how to calm baby, soothe digestion, and provide the loving gift of massage to their child. 


  • Delaine

    We were referred to Kylie by our doula when we got home from the hospital - our baby had a pretty intense case of jaundice and was having trouble latching. We later learned (through Kylie!) that our little one had a tongue tie. I've since come to think that i'm glad for the tongue tie because it brought us to meet Kylie. I can't even begin to express how her support has impacted our family, but i'll do my best here. Kylie is wise, generous, knowledgeable, reassuring, and so kind. She helped us to better understand our little person in ways beyond nursing. She seems to really 'get' babies and helped us to do the same and find a rhythm in those early weeks that are so challenging and can be scary because everything is so new. With Kylie's help we're having a lovely breastfeeding relationship and no troubles anymore with latch, and we've actually had improved sleep, play time, and just over all quality of life because of her guidance and support. If you're on the fence or considering a lactation consultant, I can't recommend Kylie highly enough!"